What is OneStop MPS Portal?

A globally used, cloud based managed print solution to empower service providers with the goal of cutting costs and increasing productivity. 

What does it do?

Real-time Print Device Monitoring

Live monitoring enables the ability to automate meter billing, consumable replenishment and status updates, all in real time.

Pro-active Consumable Management

Continuous monitoring of consumable levels enable a pro-active consumable service while recording a history of usage.

Cloud Based

Access anywhere, PC, MAC or Mobile. Being web based, users can view device data using the simple and clear interface via any browser.

Proactive Print Device Management


Support of print devices from all manufacturers

White label

Customise portal to suit your corporate branding

API integration

Automate the flow of data into any application

User permissions

Specify features and views available to users

Track Consumable Levels

By continually monitoring consumable levels, OneStop MPS Portal is able to pro-actively generate consumable orders, enabling the delivery of consumables to customers as and when needed.

Cyan 21%
Black 50%
Yellow 25%
Magenta 80%

Flexible Data Collection Agents

The OneStop Collection Agent is able to run on multiple platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi and Windows.

Custom Data Exports

In addition to our standardised reporting, OneStop allows you to select your own data sets in order to create exports which meet your data needs.

Mono Prints
Colour Prints


OneStop MPS Portal features a number of ways to export the data it captures, enabling the automation of consumable ordering, billing and device status logging. All data captured by OneStop MPS Portal is available to export and be used by other systems, such as backend office systems. Using out API’s or customisable exports, there is no limit to what we can integrate with and we have worked alongside the major names within the industry to create ready to go, seamless integration methods.

Developed and Supported by a long term in house team, OneStop is a passion project on which an evolution of features and requirements make it the system it is today. We actively listen to our customers and welcome ideas.  

OneStop MPS Portal is the culmination of over 30 years experience in the print industry and over 20 years of evolution with ongoing development alongside some of the worlds biggest print resellers and manufacturers. 

Bryan Stone


Advanced USB Support

Unique to OneStop MPS Portal, our V3 Data Collection Agent’s are able to provide full a snapshot of USB connected devices. While most can only capture the number of print jobs sent to a USB printer from the point of Data Collection Agent install

  • The agent will support running in a ‘peer to peer’ mode. This means that one agent will run in Network mode, similar to the current, and detect only network attached devices. However, it will also detect OneStop agents running in USBCustom mode. Agents running in USB mode are installed on an individual PCs, and will detect and report on supported USB devices. They do not require a config file, and do not send the data anywhere, as it is collected by the Network agent, and transferred to the portal in the normal manner.

    Home Office, Network and USB.

How it works.

Access OneStop from anywhere, on any device. As OneStop can be hosted on a windows server, we can take care of the house keeping or you can host in a data centre of your choosing.

HP Smart Device Services (SDS)

Seamlessly integrated with OneStop MPS Portal

Require a USB based application?

Recording and monitoring multiple local or wide area network print devices by Network Administrators and Consultants can be a time consuming task, especially if you need to analyse the findings. Perhaps you need to discover if the current devices are used cost effectively or to their full potential. What about if you need to justify a change to print devices or additions to the network? How do you effectively audit print devices from one central location?


– Runs directly from the USB key. No installation required
– Reports can be customised to suit individual requirements
– Add your own logo and corporate identity
– Auto-detect Local Language
– Advanced Scan for Multiple office Environments
– Comparison summary reports for data analysis over time periods or locations
– Report storage to CSV file for compatibility with standard software packages
– Local Printer Agent Option available
– Local Printer Searching Scan facility

OneStop MPSKey is a tool that provides you with a snapshot of all your networked devices and their meter reading information from a single workstation on the network. This information can be saved and report comparisons performed to give a true reflection of print device usage over a particular interval of time. OneStop MPSKey runs from a supplied USB device, and will also scan networked PC’s for locally installed print devices and displays installed print driver details.

Results of the OneStop MPSKey are saved to csv file format for compatibility with standard software packages, and a number of reports are included, allowing for results to be left with a customer in an easy to read format.

Would you like a demonstration?

Contact us and one of our team will be in touch with a fully functional trial environment for you.